Prague Quadrennial 2019

The Prague Quadrennial is back, between the 6th and 16th of June. I first went to PQ2007, when I worked as a reporter for the Scenofest magazine. My job was to attend workshops and write articles about them.

This time, I’m going as a performer in the show Three Catastrophes I Happily Survived, created and directed by Rodo Guadarrama.

The nuclear reactor from Three Catastrophes I Happily Survived.

As well as performing, I will also be looking for collaborators for my forthcoming production, Paradise Relost, which we will be performing in Madrid next year. So if you’re going to PQ2019 and you would like to meet up, let me know. I’d loved to meet you.

Supergatos at Microteatro

My first play in Spanish will be performed at Microteatro Por Dinero between the 8th of May, 2019 and 1st of June, 2019. Starring Laura Martí and Stéphanie Magnin, the story takes place in the office of the mayor of Madrid, who has just returned to learn of a growing problem of vigilantes dressing as superheroes to fight crime.

The format is micro theatre, which means that every play is a maximum of fifteen minutes. The performance space is fifteen square meters, and the audience is fifteen people.


The Gods of Silicon Valley is in a competition

My full-length play The Gods of Silicon Valley has reached the finals of a play writing festival in California. I cannot reveal any more details now, but the winner will be announced in April.

Theatre & Protest

I recommend this book, Theatre & Protest, by Lara Shalson. It’s a great essay on how theatre can inspire, and be inspired by, protest.

“Could theatre respond differently to protests against it, neither cancelling the production nor, as happens more frequently, evicting protesters as quickly as possible? Such evictions are almost always justified in the name or protecting free speech: protests are shut down in order to allow the performance to go on. Yet, in doing so, the theatre — including the contemporary avant-garde theatre with all of its intention to provoke — also demonstrates that it is unable to accommodate dissent.” — Theatre & Protest, Lara Shalson


Bohemian Breakdancer is now on Patreon

I made a video to promote my new Patreon page! For just $1 a month, you can become a sponsor of Bohemian Breakdancer (that’s me and my friends) and help us make better, funnier, more interesting videos. Please share this with anybody and everybody!

Visit Speak English Today to see more videos that we have made.

Shooting The Killer

The original short stage sketch, The Killer, has been turned into a short film. We shot all the scenes at the weekend, and are now editing. The plan is to submit it to film festivals, and hopefully gain some attention in order to try to get funding for the next film.

We are aiming for a noir style, and the film will be in black and white. We plan to have it ready by October.

Immigrants in Italy

Recently, Italy’s politicians have been obsessed with immigration. They want fewer immigrants, and it seems that the Italians agree with them. They believe immigrants are destroying their country. After spending four days in Rome, I see that they have a point: Americans are everywhere! I saw thousands of Americans blocking the pavements and streets, making absolutely no effort to assimilate into the local culture. None of them seemed to have any jobs, nor did they seem in any way interested in working, and I heard much more English being spoken than Italian. Stop immigration! Send Americans home now!!!!!

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